Enhancing employee health and wellbeing in the workplace

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Human resource professionals can all agree that employees are the very heart of any successful business and the key of competitive advantage.

Employees provide innovation and creativity, establish valuable relationships with customers and suppliers and drive all aspects of an organization’s operations from technology, to service delivery and product design.

Over the recent years, various research has proven that employee health and wellbeing directly influences work behavior, attendance and job performance.

Knowing that a healthy workforce is a more productive workforce, one important way to build competitive advantage for your business is to improve the health status and wellbeing of your employees. 

To be able to improve the employee health and wellbeing, HR professionals must be aware of the changes in our ways of working caused by, among others, advances in technology and the effect this has on an individual employee.

But do you have the right HR strategies in place to support the employee health and wellbeing? And how can you play a role in improving the work-life balance of your employees?

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